About Us

Our History

our names are Reggie and Angela van Dinter and we are the founders and leaders of Hope Released Ministries.

We are a prophetic, evangelistic ministry with a heart to reach our local communities with the love of God, seeing lives impacted by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see the people in nations, cities and towns across Europe and beyond discover and walk into their original design in Christ and equip and empower them to make a difference in their communities worldwide.

Angela and Reggie met at an evangelism conference called Jesus loves in Liverpool in the UK. After 3 years of a long distance on and off friendship, after some persuasion Angela agreed to one date with Reggie before attending the conference they had met at 3 years earlier. By the time of the date God had shown the pair that they were meant to be together. The combined passion for evangelism and youth work sealed a bond between them.

Over the next 5 months they found they had many other things in common. They got engaged after 5 months in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They got married in Manchester 6 months after their engagement, surrounded by their friends and family. They are excited about how God will use them as a couple in their local area and beyond.

Meet our Founders

Reggie's Story
Reggie Van Dinter is a 30 year-old Dutch Evangelist with a desire and burning heart to see People encounter Jesus and to see the church walk in their original design. He currently resides in skelmersdale, a town near Liverpool, England and is married to Angela. Both served as youth leaders in their previous church and have both been involved in evangelism and missions for many years.

Reggie grew up in a Christian family that attended church, but as he grew older he felt it wasn’t doing anything for him. As a child he was diagnosed with ADHD, was often bullied, and never felt like he fit into his school or community.

Reggie tried many things to escape the rejection he felt and at age 15 decided that he would try accepting Jesus as a last hope. Though he tried to follow Jesus from an intellectual perspective and do the right things, something was still missing and he did not have the peace, acceptance and wholeness that he was longing for. Consequently, Reggie found himself a pattern of backsliding, rededicating his life and backsliding again. Finally, he turned to the various numbing solutions that the world offered- but all the time knew there must be something more that God had for his life.

Finally a friend encouraged him to go to Bible school and insisted that God could provide. Reggie signed up for the school and God did provide for his tuition through two anonymous donors! It was there that his knowledge of God started moving from his head to his heart and people started recognizing that he had a gift for speaking and evangelism.

On a missions trip to Macedonia in 2010 Reggie felt the Lord speak to him and say, “It’s time to make a radical choice. If you are really willing to give everything to me, then I will use you in a mighty and powerful way.” Reggie responded, this time in his spirit, and the direction of his life completely shifted. From then on, his relationship with God was a true interaction, spirit to Spirit!

Over time God dealt with Reggie about unresolved parts of his past. He is still there walking Him through the various challenges of life that we all face, and moving through Him to reach others. Now Reggie has a contagious excitement for the adventure of living with a Mighty God and has been invited to share his story in many places.

He speaks to people about such topics as God’s Love, Stepping out in Faith, Living Your Dreams, Growing in Relationship with Jesus, Identity in Christ & Evangelism. The mission God gave Him is to bring Jesus to the streets, to help people get enthusiastic about living their lives with Jesus and to encourage and equip the body to walk in their destiny! He does this now together with his wife Angela who is a rock and support for Reggie and the other way around too. Together they love to serve the body of Christ and see it walk in their full potential.

Reggie and Angela founded Hope Released Ministries in jan 2019 with a vision to release hope to the hopeless and seeing the church awakened to their original design to reach their communities and to make disciples of all nations.

Angela's Story:

Angela is 42 and has walked with the Lord for over 25 years she married Reggie in 2018 and together they established Hope released ministries at the beginning of 2019.

Angela grew up in a catholic family however she felt scared of God rather than loved by him. She also experienced a lot of bullying in her early years which led to a lot of rejection. However in her teen years she found a family in the church who looked after her and introduced her to a better life and this eventually led her into a relationship with Jesus. Her relationship with Jesus was concreted whilst she was at university where she was baptised in both water and the spirit and she became part of a bible believing church where she grew closer to Jesus. She is grateful to the many Godly families who have looked out for her over her lifetime.

Amongst many things she was a missionary for youth with a Mission for 10 years. Whilst with YWAM she helped pioneer what is now the YWAM London Urban Key team she also had some involvement in, what is now YWAM Radiant. Along with her husband she has a strong passion for evangelism and whilst with YWAM she led numerous evangelism teams in Europe, Argentina and England. She ran a ministry for Children and young people which taught them on spiritual development, using the arts in evangelism.

She has a keen love for community development and transformation and sees it as a tool and a key to opening the way for the gospel. She qualified as a youth worker 4 years ago and since then she has worked with young people on a government scheme giving them opportunities to experience independent living, diversity and social action opportunities.

Whilst living in Argentina she became a painter inspired by the culture and the flamboyant colour scheme of latin America, she has a shop on etsy and she has sold a number of her paintings at a number of exhibitions she has had over the years. This is something that she would like to develop in the future.

She has also been a youth worker for her previous church and was also one of the main worship leaders. She has a desire to see those who are not from a church context worshipping God and finding their identity in that place.

She is also the director of Café renovate which is an community initiative giving a safe place for young people to access different services such as counselling but also to be a living room for young people to spend their time. Again this is in the initial stages also but she will be working on setting the café up in the coming period of time.

She moved to Skelmersdale earlier this year with her husband after they heard the call of God there she is excited about what is going to do through them in the local area in this next season.

She is also excited about the direction that God will lead them in with Hope Released Ministries as they have opportunities to see the church across Europe fulfilling its original design of reaching their community with the gospel and making disciples of all nations.