Board of Advisors

At Hope Released Ministries we highly value having accountability with people that can speak into our life and ministry.

We have gathered a group of friends who already are personal friends of the founders and have committed themselves to pray, serve and mentor Reggie and Angela as they walk their walk with Jesus and give hands and feet to the vision and mission of the
ministry.  We have regular meet ups with them individually and try to have a general meet up with all of our advisors once a year. They can also be contacted for references. 

Each person serves in either one or more of the 5 fold ministry. We have pastors, evangelists, prophets, apostles and teachers in our advisory board.

Meet our advisors

Mark Curtis

Founder / leader - Passion for Jesus Ministries

Sue Sinclair

Founder / Leader - Community Watchmen Ministries

Andy & Sharron McClelland

Founders / Evangelists - Freedom Fire Ministries
Pastors - Father's House Church Christchurch, UK

Tim Grant

Founder / Evangelist / Church planter
Spearhead Ministries / TK Ministries

Hannah Archer

Founder / Leader / Teacher
Brighter School of Discipleship