Our Values

It all starts with encountering Jesus, we must have that intimacy with him before we can lift a finger. We will encourage anyone involved with the ministry that personal encounter with Jesus and an understanding of hearing his voice comes first.

Along with Personal encounter we will encourage times of encountering Jesus as a community and as a ministry, this will be through times of worship prayer and fasting.

As a value we will build a relationship with the holy spirit as a person both individually and corporately to follow his leadings

“The poor you will always have but you will not always have me.”

“I only do what I see the father doing.”

“Wait in Jerusalem until you are clothed with power from on high.”


We will be transparent individually and as a ministry with our finances but also with a personal lives. We will not hide who we really are, we will strive to be real and not phony or super spiritual. We will be accountable to other leaders around and to the church where we belong.


Missions & Evangelisation of Europe

The reason we exist is to make Jesus famous to make him known and point people to him though everything we do. We want to build the kingdom of God wherever we go and at the same time teach others to do this also. We want to be open to where the Holy spirit is taking us geographically at the same time as reaching out to the broken in our own locality.

Our missions focus is Europe and the re-evangelisation of this continent setting hearts ablaze for the gospel.

We will carry out the great commission moving in Power evangelism

Go out into the world and preach the gospel baptising them in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit

Preach the gospel, cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead








Culture of Honour


Jesus has been incredibly generous with us starting by giving himself so that we could live but he has not stopped there he continues to provide for us abundantly in so many ways. We have a generous God and therefore we want to be generous too with our resources both monetary and with time as well

Hope released is called to pioneer projects and to trail blaze trying new methods of church planting that have not been done before as well as going to places where others have not been before particularly in an urban setting. We will not be afraid to try new ideas the Holy Spirit is showing us as a ministry. We will not get caught in intuitionalism

Everything starts with relationship, this is the way we find those who want to partner with us. The best way to do ministry is to do it with friends and family. We will look for those who are friends first and foremost who have the same heart and passion as we do. Before ministry we will spend time together understanding each other’s stories and sharing heart over a meal or coffee. Out from this will spring a kingdom building relationship.

Prayer needs to be the cornerstone of everything we do, without prayer nothing happens. We understand that it is intercession that will change the state of our continent and the rest of the world. Prayer is the place where we receive our assignments but it is also the place where we do battle and where God gives us insights into how we should tackle a certain situation. We will be enlisting a number of intercessors to partner with us in the mission

Our desire is to see the body of Christ unified and churches come together in both prayer and mission. Through networking we will work with different churches and ministries and encourage them to work together too, so that we are building the kingdom and not little empires.

We believe in community, living in it but also creating it, one of the goals of HRM is to live out community and help foster community where it is difficult to do so. We will encourage and develop activities which help to create community this is both with the church other ministries but also in our local communities. We believe that part of building the kingdom of God on earth is creating an environment where community thrives especially in the face of much isolation and loneliness. We want to re-create the kind of community that was shown in acts 2 where no one was left wanting everyone was provided for. The believers lived in community and they modelled this to the outside world.

We have a very creative God, if we look around us we can see this everywhere we look whether it’s in nature or even in the intricateness of mankind we see his creative fingerprints all around. Creativity catches the imagination of people and it helps them to connect with God. We will seek God for creative ways to communicate his message and to carry out our mission as a whole whether that is street evangelism or church planting we will see to use creative ways and creativity to show off our maker and a person’s purpose.

We have a culture of honour as one of our values, because we believe that we should honour one another. In the same way we are to honour our Heavenly Father. We put much effort in honouring the lives of people that come in contact with us and the work we do for the Kingdom of God. 

Excellence is one of our values, because we are convinced that the Lord deserves our excellence in all we do for Him and through Him. So, we find it important that whatever we do, we always aim to give God our best and be excellent in how we do things to please God and to honour Him.